The ComfortMakers®, Lumbar Support, Black 92011

Product Code: 92011
Availability: 2 – 3 Days

  • Designed, tested and approved by a leading Orthopedic Specialist.
  • Helps reduces back strain and fatigue caused by improper seating posture.
  • The unique, patented system of self-adjustable foam inserts can be arranged and rearranged to fit all body shapes and sizes, providing “personalized” comfort and support.
  • Proper positioning of the Lumbar Support allows the spine to assume it’s natural “S” Shaped curve.
  • Hook and loop strips hold cushions in place on fabric covered seating, an adjustable strap is provided for smooth surface seating.
  • Ideal for use in the office, home, automobile, airplane or anywhere.
  • Made in the USA from flame retardant, washable fabric for easy care.
  • 12-1/2″ wide x 7-1/2″ high x 2-1/2″deep.
  • Black.
  • US Patent No. 5433505 – Canadian Patent No. 2086391.