Standard Carpet Casters, Half Hood, Set of 5

Product Code: D472__H-HH-__-5
See chart below to build a part number
Availability: 2 – 3 Days

  • 2″ diameter, half-hood, single rubber wheels.
  • Dual raceway system that balances the load evenly for smooth swiveling and effortless rolling.
  • Hard wheel casters designed for safe rolling on carpeted surfaces, preventing stress and strain to leg and back muscles.
  • Provides traction for smooth rolling on carpeted surfaces.
  • Weight rated: 75-lbs. per caster.
  • 5 wheels per set.

** How to Build a Standard Caster Part Number **

(1) Body Style: D472 • (2) Stem Type __ • (3) Wheel Tread: H=Hard • (4) Finish __

Add Stem Type (2) letter code to first underscore in part number.
Add Caster Finish (4) letter code to second underscore in part number.

"HH" represents a Half Hood

Example: To receive stem type B with Zinc Caster Finish you should order D472-B-H-HH-ZN-5

Select Finish from Chart Below.

Adding "-5" to end of P/N gives 5 casters per set.

** Stems B and K fit 99% of all metal bases **